Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

Portraits ...

Alan Rickman again, in two great roles :)

The blue is a sketch in col-erase; the black and white
is done with graphite.

I personally like the graphite sketch; I did it by trying to deal
with major areas of shade or shadow as blocks of space. I remember reading
in an art magazine once, that the details of a person's face (in portraiture) matter
less than drawing the major structures of that person's skull ... Those basic
things, like size and placement of eye sockets, angle and sharpness of cheekbones, etc.
will be more important in producing a convincing likeness than the details and finer shadows.
I like how those portraits look ... unified and solid.

A sketch

This is my niece, Ava :) She is such a cutie, with beautiful eyes!

This sketch was done in Corel Painter :)