Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another updated sketch ...

... it's a little more finished :)

Updated sketch :)

Well, I've worked on it a little bit more. I thought I'd leave all the versions up as I scan them, for interests sake.

A bit of a background makes a difference too :)

Another sketch ...

You can totally see where the centre line of the book is ..

Another unfinished sketch from the sketchbook
I just visited these friends .. more like family, and
I miss them.

Of the three, nina's face still needs the most attention.
I really like coming back to drawings; it's like
spending time with an old friend :).

two beautiful people

Chelsea and Chanelle
(sorry if I spelled your names wrong!)
are two young people who I miss very much, now that I'm living all the
way up here in Sudbury.

this is, once again, an unfinished sketch from my most
recent sketch book