Monday, January 21, 2008

Revised leica ...

Arggg... the sound is slow again. Well, as far as visuals go, here is the revised version of 'The Littlest Dragonboater'. I'll be working at figuring out a compression that works for playing it on blogspot, and then you'll get to see this as it was intended to be viewed.

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Gregory said...

yeah okay. . . um, I think that you are doing allright so far. I think you have a little too little Greg in the picture though. I mean, where was he. You do realize that you are going to win hearts with good looking men in your picture. I don't even need to be animated. I know, I know, it is a piece of animation, but all you would have to do is have a block cut out at the top of the screen with my face in it. . . . and I would try and look sexy. . . . .hahahahaha, try.

It looks really good there Tricia. I am impressed. It is quite long too. I look forward to the end result. Go scruffy.